Italy Trip

This spring break, the Westlake Latin Club escaped the scorching heat of Texas and paid a visit to the homeland of the Latin language, Italy. There, they explored famous ruins, experienced local life, and made memories that would last a lifetime.

A quaint, Italian street.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream (er, I mean, gelato)!

Beautiful paintings on an arched ceiling.

Some ruins of Ancient Rome.

Vatican statues keeping watch over the city.

The famous Pantheon dome.

More ancient ruins on a sunny afternoon.

A beautiful view of the grand city of Florence!

A Colosseum shot.

The Latin Club visits the Colosseum.

Students feast on a delicious meal.

A sunny Roman park.

Westlake students relax on the Spanish Steps in Rome.

More ancient ruins under a cloudy day.

Ruins under a setting sun.

Students enjoying gelato on the streets.

The Latin Club poses in front of a stature in the Pantheon.

Latin script on ruins. Can you read this?

The Roman forum.

Roaming the streets of Rome.

Line up, Westlake!

A lovely city view.

We caught sight of these graffiti letters at a train station.

The grand Arch of Titus.

The Latin Club pays a visit to the notorious Vesuvius Mountain.

A shot of the Roman Forum.

We saw this market on the sidewalk selling fresh fruits.

NJCL Convention

This year's national convention took place at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The club had an awesome time competiting, as well as exploring the Sin City and having a blast.


Westlake Latin Club at the NJCL Convention.

Westlake relaxes at a fountain.

Magistra Canon poses in front of an impressive wall of rock.

Several students fooling around a trio of Roman busts.

Students pose in front of an unusually large red high heel.

The Latin Club gathers for a group photo.

Students ready for the evening event.

Club members perform karaoke.

Another Westlake group photo.

Magister Abbe befriends several Roman busts.

Pep rally at Nationals. Go Westlake!

A polychromatic piece called Persephone and Pomegranate.

A beautiful 3D work of art called Peacock.

Fine details of a Roman soldier figurine.