Avete to Our New 2016-2017 Latin Club Officers!

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've been all waiting for has finally arrived; the Latin Club 2016 club officer election results! This year was an exceptionally competitive year in particular, as we had around 20 students running for all available positions. For those of you not familiar with the Latin language, officer positions includes 2 Consules, the equivalent of club presidents, a Praetor, who runs the officer elections, a Quaestor, also known as a treasurer, a Scriba, the person who takes notes during meetings, a Nuntius, who delivers club messages and announcements, an Araneator, also called a webmaster, two Aediles, who plan club events and parties, and one Historia, a person who organizes the club scrapbook and takes club photos. Last but not least, the club also has Tribunes; 2 students selected from each Latin class to represent the rest of Westlake's Latin language population. Tribune elections took place Thursday, and the results are also posted below.


Consules - Kase & Grant Praetor - Abby Quaestor - Joseph Scriba - Ethan Nuntius - Urvi Araneator - Helen Aediles - Brent & James Historia - Malyn


Jude - Latin 1 Period 5

Madeline - Latin 2 Period 2

Tian & Miles - Latin 2 Period 6

Melissa - Latin 2 Period 7

Vikram - Latin 3 Period 2

Mira - Latin 3 Period 5

Hayden & Lucca - Latin 3 Period 7

Mallory & Gryfuth & Isabella - Latin 4 Period 1

Gabriel - Latin 4 Period 6

Owen - Latin 5 Period 3