NJCL Historian Position Open!

At the 2017 NJCL Convention, the office of NJCL Historian was not filled. The application process is now open to all NJCL members. 1. The application is attached. ​It is a fillable form which should be typed then printed for signatures. When completed, attach as an email to administrator@njcl.org (APPLICATION) 2) Parent/Guardian and local sponsor signatures should be on the form. If the State Chair needs, he or she can email permission to administrator@njcl.org. If you need help contacting a State Chair, email Dennis Webb (constitution@njcl.org), NJCL Constitutional Advisor. 3) Candidates must meet the qualifications set forth in the NJCL Constitution under Article V, Section 3. During this process however, it is permissible to have more than one applicant from the same state. There are still restrictions which prohibit applicants from some states. No state is allowed to hold the same office two consecutive years. Therefore no student from Georgia is eligible to apply, as Eric Wang from Georgia has just finished the term as Historian. Also no state is allowed to hold two offices at the same time. This prohibits any student from a state which just had an officer elected or appointed from applying. This means no student from Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, or Louisiana may apply. Also, only states which are in good standing under the requirements of Article IV, Section 5, are eligible to apply for this office. Therefore, no student from Montana, Ontario, or Wyoming is eligible.

4) The deadline to file this application is 12 Noon Eastern Daylight Savings Time, Monday Aug. 14, 2017. Email to administrator@njcl.org.

After this deadline, the NJCL officers, with the concurrence of the NJCL National Committee, shall evaluate all applications from which they may select several applicants to interview before selecting the person who will fill the office of Historian.

All applicants will be informed of the outcome.